Carbon Black 12km Cross Country Loop





472654 ft

Begins in:
Cronulla, Australia
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(Best viewed on satellite image) Follow the sand trap east of the Greenhills gates to the last path on left to road. Follow road to sand mining fence and then along fence parallel to the beach. At the next gates make a left turn and follow road out of the 4wd park until the sand road makes a slight left turn. Climb under the fence and then follow your nose through the sand paths, make sure you head east or abouts (don't go too far north, only 50-100m or so, the paths change with wind, vegetation etc but a rough 4wd trail always exists heading east-south-east to Carbon Black, persist and you will find it,if you go too far you will come across a bitumen road, make a right turn and you will come across a trail immediately before Carbon Black, follow it). Once at the 'Black' follow the path to the right, south, well worn, it will take you to the cliffs, make a right turn and follow the trail to Boat Harbour. Follow the beach around to the 4wd sign and take the next path to the sand trap and back to the carpark.
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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 2.24 mi/4.35 mi 2.11 mi -7556 ft/300 ft 70.4%
Cat hc 25.24 mi/31.08 mi 5.84 mi -106565 ft/-77717 ft 93.5%
Cat False 35.25 mi/45.69 mi 10.44 mi -97567 ft/-44190 ft 96.8%
Cat hc 57.88 mi/63.84 mi 5.97 mi -106562 ft/-77022 ft 93.7%
Cat False 66.39 mi/84.36 mi 17.97 mi -88388 ft/188 ft 93.4%
Cat False 100.27 mi/108.05 mi 7.77 mi -79095 ft/-39744 ft 95.9%
Cat hc 112.65 mi/114.70 mi 2.05 mi -61752 ft/-52396 ft 86.4%
Cat hc 115.88 mi/120.85 mi 4.97 mi -55936 ft/-31328 ft 93.7%
Cat False 126.70 mi/138.44 mi 11.75 mi -60427 ft/-617 ft 96.4%
Cat hc 158.96 mi/163.81 mi 4.85 mi -106973 ft/-83239 ft 92.7%
Cat False 168.91 mi/190.91 mi 22.01 mi -107599 ft/-51 ft 92.6%

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