st kilda w to port melb return





479008 ft

Begins in:
St Kilda West, Australia
Created By:
becc1978 Best Time: 1:10:43
This is a 7.49 mi Run in St Kilda West, Australia. The Run has a total ascent of 479008.36 ft and has a maximum elevation of 31.3 ft. This route was created by becc1978 on 07/16/2007. View other Runs that becc1978 has done or find similar maps in St Kilda West.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 22.88 mi/24.62 mi 1.74 mi -107553 ft/-99911 ft 83.1%
Cat False 26.05 mi/46.20 mi 20.15 mi -105583 ft/-989 ft 98.3%
Cat hc 56.64 mi/60.87 mi 4.23 mi -54239 ft/-34018 ft 90.6%
Cat False 75.17 mi/95.75 mi 20.58 mi -107350 ft/-805 ft 98.0%
Cat False 116.33 mi/130.63 mi 14.30 mi -107351 ft/-34020 ft 97.1%
Cat False 134.86 mi/145.31 mi 10.45 mi -54228 ft/-966 ft 96.6%
Cat hc 165.45 mi/166.88 mi 1.43 mi -105560 ft/-99883 ft 75.2%
Cat False 168.62 mi/191.51 mi 22.88 mi -107603 ft/135 ft 89.2%

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