8km Burligh Beach and Park loop





431640 ft

Begins in:
Burleigh, Australia
Created By:
Running along the esplanade strip on bike paths, around the headland by road, circle the bitumen tracks through the headland (excellent views and protected forests, but only a pocket) than back along the esplanade. Hills in the headland and an excellent view from the top, but the esplanade is flat and usually quite busy.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 3.36 mi/6.71 mi 3.36 mi -16,735 ft/-936 ft 89.1%
Cat hc 14.55 mi/20.39 mi 5.84 mi -40,319 ft/-11,552 ft 93.2%
Cat hc 22.88 mi/27.85 mi 4.97 mi -22,822 ft/283 ft 88.0%
Cat False 48.68 mi/69.07 mi 20.39 mi -106,564 ft/-903 ft 98.1%
Cat hc 70.93 mi/72.86 mi 1.93 mi -9,065 ft/-628 ft 82.9%
Cat hc 74.10 mi/75.28 mi 1.18 mi -5,302 ft/-765 ft 72.8%
Cat hc 78.58 mi/82.56 mi 3.98 mi -16,476 ft/135 ft 79.1%
Cat False 103.75 mi/124.77 mi 21.01 mi -106,963 ft/57 ft 96.5%
Cat hc 133.65 mi/140.31 mi 6.65 mi -44,842 ft/-11,934 ft 93.7%
Cat False 148.64 mi/157.96 mi 9.32 mi -54,114 ft/-6,916 ft 95.9%
Cat False 164.86 mi/172.94 mi 8.08 mi -41,752 ft/-156 ft 97.5%

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