High Park RR 18K King/Liberty





209 ft

Begins in:
Toronto, Canada
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Lily Name
~ Head east on Bloor St to Parkside Dr <br> ~ Turn right (south) onto Parkside Dr to the Queensway <br> ~ Turn left (east) onto the path (before the first underpass on Parkside) to the Queensway <br> ~ Continue on the Queensway to King St W <br> ~ Veer right onto King St W <br> ~ Continue east on King to Dufferin <br> ~ Turn left (north) onto Dufferin to Queen St W <br> ~ Turn right (east) onto Queen St W to Shaw St <br> ~ Turn right (south) onto Shaw to Adelaide <br> ~ Turn left (east) onto Adelaide <br> ~ Continue on Adelaide to Portugal Square and veer to the left to Bathurst <br> ~ Turn right (south) onto Bathurst and cross the street to Adelaide <br> ~ Continue east on Adelaide to York St <br> ~ Turn right (south) onto York St to King St <br> ~ Turn right (west) onto King St <br> ~ Head west on King to Strachan <br> ~ Turn left (south) onto Strachan to Liberty St <br> ~ Turn right (west) onto Liberty St to Dufferin <br> ~ Turn right (north) onto Dufferin to King St <br> ~ Turn left (west) onto King St to the Queensway <br> ~ Continue on the Queensway back to Parkside <br> ~ Turn right (north) onto Parkside to Spring Rd (at the lights) <br> ~ Cross the street to Spring Rd <br> ~ Continue on Spring Rd to Colborne Lodge <br> ~ Turn right (north) onto Colborne Lodge to Bloor St <br> ~ Turn left (west) onto Bloor and head back to the store <br>


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