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180 ft

Begins in:
Fk9 4La, United Kingdom
Created By:
Christine Bertram Best Time: 40:06
Start at the Uni gym, head down the road and take a right to go up to the residences. Take the next left along the back of Pathfood and through the hole in the wall, down the hill and take a right at the next intersection, follow the road until you get to Chalton Road, follow Chalton Road to Abercrombie Drive, turn left at the top and follow the road (you can also run on a parallel path in the woods), keep right and go up the hill, but take the middle road and not the path up to the golf course, follow the road and take a sharp left at the bottom, now follow the road all the way down the hill. At the Allan Water Cafe, turn left and follow Henderson Street straight on until you get back to the uni. Turn left into the uni and stop at gym.


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