Green Belt Relay Stage 10





452 ft

Begins in:
Epping Forest, United Kingdom
Created By:
Sean Davis
Stage 10 of the Green Belt Relay - 9.7 miles from High Beach in Epping Forest to the village of Toothill in Essex. Scenic and hilly route through Epping Forest and parts of the Essex Way. The route is almost all off-road and can be muddy in the last few miles. <br>\n&lt;br&gt; <br>\n&lt;br&gt; <br>\n&lt;br&gt; <br>\nThe stage starts next to The Corporation of London sign, just north of the lane into the Epping Forest Field Centre. Follow the path parallel to the road north for 200m until you meet a wide bridleway. Turn right onto this wide track and follow for about a quarter of a mile (there are many paths off to the left, just keep straight on past the first few). Soon after main track starts to turn right, turn left onto another path. Follow this to a road (A104). Cross straight over onto a track (there is a car park to its left). After 0.4 miles, on reaching T-junction of paths, turn left. Follow path for 0.85 miles to road (A121). CRoss straight over and straight on along main path (this is a picnic area called &quot;The Broad Strood&quot;). After 0.5 miles stay left with main path. 0.4 miles later path opens out into a picnic area called &quot;Jack&#039;s Hill&quot;. Keep straight on to a road (B172). Cross straight over and straight on along wide path (now at 2.6 miles into stage). For the next 1.4 miles continue following this path thru&#039; the forest. There are a few opportunities to turn away from the path, but please do not be tempted. Towards the end of this section you climb a long gradual hill. Soon after this, and just before the path comes out onto a common, turn right and after a short distance come to a lane. Go straight on to T-junction with road. Turn left staying on LHS (ignoring first road to right). After 200m, and just as road turns left, cross over to the right and follow lane (Bell Common) past Forest Gate pub. Follow lane to the end (it turns right and then left at one point). At end go straight onto grass and soon across narrow road. Just over road turn right to follow a path past a bench and through a gap in some trees. After another 100m on reaching some more trees, turn left to follow path between trees. After 350m path comes out onto residential road. Turn left and follow to T-junction. At T-junction turn left - crossing over to RHS when possible. After 400m, and just past Woodland Grove, turn right onto narrow path, between houses and away from road. Path leads to Epping Station. On approaching station go straight on and over footbridge (now on the Essex Way). At other side, off footbridge and left along Hillcrest Way to T-junction. Turn right, crossing over asap. After 30m and immediately past &quot;Bowers Court&quot; sign, turn left onto footpath marked Essex Way. Follow narrow path to open field, then straigh on across field to next field, then staying left keeping edge of field to your left and gradually downhill. At end of field, path comes to a road. Turn left along road for a few yards and then left again and up lane between houses - lane soon becomes track. After 0.6 miles the lane comes to a T-junction with road. Turn right along road to just past small green and then turn left into Houblons Hill (BEWARE: Do not be tempted to cut straight across the green as there is a hidden ditch). Follow road uphill for 0.6 miles to just after church on LHS. On RHS is a small infants school. Immediately past school turn right and down to a kissing gate. Go thru&#039; gate and after a short distance follow left hand path thru&#039; woods and eventually past cricket pitch on LHS. 200m after cricket pitch, at T-junction with wiger path, turn right. Follow path to and over footbridge over motorway. At other side go straight on along narrow lane. After 300m and as lane turns right, go straight on following footpath between trees to LHS and fields to RHS (Essex Way). Soon path enters woods and veers slightly left. Follow path, straight thru&#039; woods and across fields for next 1.6 miles (this will not be marked, so DO NOT try to turn off path straight thru&#039;). After 1.6 miles follow main path as it follows the edge of the field around to the left and gradually uphill to a very visible water tower in the distance. On reaching water tower turn right along lane and past house. The finish of the stage is just 350m straight ahead at the T-junction at Toothill. For a descriptive map see the &quot;stage details&quot; section of the relay website
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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 5.88 mi/7.76 mi 1.88 mi 175 ft/394 ft 2.2%

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