Edinburgh Sprint Triathlon Route





157 ft

Begins in:
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Created By:
Christophe Demoulin
Clearly, starts in the transition area if you&#039;re actually doing the race... <br> <br> Its a fairly simple run, not much to it but its quite quiet, as most of it is along the cycle path and in the tunnel of what used to be the Innocent Railway. It involves crossing no roads at all, so you won&#039;t have to wait for any lights and jog on the spot or pant, as all runners love to do! <br> <br> The whole route pretty much at the foot of Arthur&#039;s Seat with only a very slight incline at the end, for those who aren&#039;t fans of hills whether up or down, this may be the route for you! <br> <br> Oh, and watch out for snails along the Innocent Railway. I&#039;m guilty of having crushed dozens accidentally...why did the snail cross the path? <br>


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