Innocent Railway and Prestonfield Golf Course





165 ft

Begins in:
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Created By:
Christophe Demoulin
Quiet pleasant route. Starts on the Meadows as do most of my runs. The Innocent railway is really quiet, and just goes on and on, you can easily extend the run if you fancy it, and double back whenever you want. <br> <br> You turn off the path once you get into the slighty dodgy area, then make your way through a quiet residential area towards the golf course. The gate to the golf course may be closed at certain times, so this run mightn&#039;t be so good at say midnight! Run along a wide path through the golf course (don&#039;t worry, you&#039;re allowed to, and its fairly safe!). Do keep an eye out for stray golf balls, might get unlucky! Join the roads again and run along the scenic cobbled area of Duddingston, and then back into the shadow of Arthur&#039;s Seat. <br> <br> And by the way, once you&#039;re on the path running through the golf course, you have to turn off on the right at some point, through a little trail that leads onto a small road. You shouldn&#039;t miss it, but its possible; but basically, you don&#039;t really want to end up at the clubhouse so you have to turn off the path. <br> <br> Easy run, no tough climbs or descents, and quite safe and quiet.


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