Castle Howard 6 & 10k





21 ft

Begins in:
York, United Kingdom
Created By:
craig maude
As You begin your run you leave behind the North face of castle Howard (c1699)and the man made North lake (c1790) to your left. passing through the iron boundary fence your view opens up to stunning open woodlands of the Howardian Hills, (an area of natural beauty since 1987) <br> <br> Just beyond the first estate farm of the run (Bog Hall), is your first view of the Sir john Vandrugh designed &quot;Temple of the four winds&quot; (c1738) and betond the boundary wall the world renowned arboreus riches of Ray Wood. <br> <br> before you meander through a wood thicket your first brief view of the Mausoleum (c1731) appears briefly on the Horizon to your right Beyond this thicket the view of the magnificent Howard burial chamber opens up to revael its true beauty. <br> <br> As you gradually ascend towards the water station the buildings of the second estate farm (Low Gaterly) come into view. <br> <br> Rising up through the avenue of pine and fir trees along the tarmac private road a panoramic view appears of Nicholas Hawksmoors Pyramid (c1728) to your left the reconstructed Dome (1962) of the castle in front,and The temple of the four winds beyond the new river bridge (c1744) to your right. <br> <br> As you cross the New River Bridge the best view of the Mausoleum greets you to your right. <br> <br> Your run is completed by heading towards the Temple of the four Winds taking in the breathtaking views beyond before descending to the finish line for those competing in the 6K race.For those who have entered the 10K event there is the chanceto repaet the majority of the route again and once more take in the delights of our Historic course and be refreshed once more at our water station !.


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