Te Ngaire Kayak





465466 ft

Begins in:
Matauri Bay, New Zealand
Created By:
Richard Trendall
This is a 8.7 mi Run in Matauri Bay, New Zealand. The Run has a total ascent of 465466.27 ft and has a maximum elevation of 56.3 ft. This route was created by trendy on 12/14/2006. View other Runs that trendy has done or find similar maps in Kerikeri.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 20.95 mi/39.30 mi 18.34 mi -107,845 ft/-15,085 ft 95.8%
Cat hc 41.10 mi/45.58 mi 4.48 mi -22,532 ft/-949 ft 91.3%
Cat False 60.69 mi/71.50 mi 10.82 mi -78,548 ft/-23,165 ft 97.0%
Cat hc 87.67 mi/90.78 mi 3.11 mi -106,597 ft/-92,138 ft 88.1%
Cat False 93.89 mi/111.11 mi 17.22 mi -106,588 ft/-17,621 ft 97.8%
Cat False 121.81 mi/135.67 mi 13.87 mi -72,080 ft/-935 ft 97.2%
Cat hc 140.02 mi/143.01 mi 2.98 mi -21,946 ft/-8,643 ft 84.4%
Cat False 162.53 mi/183.49 mi 20.95 mi -108,037 ft/-169 ft 97.5%

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