Extreme Butterfly Creek Nighttime Madness Run (Paardekooper).





1553 ft

Begins in:
Eastbourne, New Zealand
Created By:
Robin Cameron-Jones
After a km on the road, the run up Ferry Rd is very steep, then the track gets steeper still, but runnable. Once the track goes under the trees it gets even steeper, with an occasional breather, often too steep for me to run. Once on the Main Ridge turn south and the track is nice and wide and clear, undulating with some short steep descents and ascents, runnable or walkable without using hands. Eventually the track turns into a rough route which can be hard to follow at night, look for the markers and backtrack to the last marker whenever you're unsure if you're on the track, there are quite a few false trails. Fortunately the route's gradient is easy but it's slow going because of occasional obstacles and because it's easy to lose the track whenever you pick up speed. This 2km or so takes about 20-30mins, depending on how many times you lose the track. Eventually, after a longish descent, you hit a main track again, turn left and it soon meets the main ridge track then it's all obvious track for the rest of the route. At the next junction turn east (left) and follow the zig-zag descent into Butterfly Creek. Follow the creek track for a couple of km, this is flat to undulating and can be run fast, being careful of the wooden bridges which can be very slippery if wet. Keep going taking the left turn at the next signposted junction and track to the picnic area (there is a fork at one point but it doesn't matter which track you take, they both meet up) then turn around and return to the last main signposted junction. Turn west, left, up the hill. It's not a long climb but quite hard on tired legs, then at the next junction on the ridge turn left again. The track follows the ridge and climbs a bit more for about 1km before descending the zig-zags to the coast road. Follow the road on the beach edge back to where you started. For the race details see: http://www.paardekooper.co.nz/commInvolv/butflycreek.htm


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 1.13 mi/2.95 mi 1.82 mi 23 ft/1081 ft 11.0%
Cat 4 6.52 mi/7.84 mi 1.32 mi 120 ft/548 ft 6.2%

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