Golans Valley Circuit





1948 ft

Begins in:
Eastbourne, New Zealand
Created By:
A beautiful but demanding run that takes you from the streets of Eastbourne into what feels like the middle of nowhere. Some parts, especially in Golans Valley, are more bush-bash than run but that&#039;s part of the appeal. Keep your eyes open for the orange markers on the trees. <br> <br> First Marker: Before the summit to Mount Lowry (before the last grunt to the top) there is a tape marker on the right hand side of the main track. This leads to a path marked with orange tree markers (possum trap track) that will guide you to the spur leading to the valley floor. <br> <br> Second Marker: At the top of the valley you&#039;ll see a small wooden sign against a rock, &quot;Top Forks&quot;. You can choose to head west to re-join the main track at marker N28 - there&#039;s another wooden sign up the hill a few metres marking this. Otherwise, it&#039;s a matter of following the orange markers that lead you along-side (and across) the stream all the way to Butterfly Creek.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 2 0.56 mi/2.32 mi 1.75 mi 62 ft/1113 ft 11.3%
Cat 5 9.09 mi/9.84 mi 0.75 mi 25 ft/249 ft 5.6%

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