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359880 ft

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Wellington, New Zealand
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ultimate big hurt run, includes a dirt track section at happy valley which is straight up for about 25 mins,tonnes of pain. fantastic track down to the bay and around the coast back to town. only for the serious, great training for the coast to coast.


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/1.93 mi 1.87 mi 89 ft/456 ft 3.7%
Cat 3 3.11 mi/4.48 mi 1.37 mi 199 ft/712 ft 7.1%
Cat hc 11.32 mi/12.44 mi 1.12 mi -27,914 ft/-24,318 ft 60.8%
Cat False 19.84 mi/31.72 mi 11.88 mi -61,608 ft/-971 ft 96.7%
Cat hc 44.09 mi/49.50 mi 5.41 mi -64,610 ft/-37,933 ft 93.4%
Cat False 62.37 mi/82.40 mi 20.02 mi -103,782 ft/-173 ft 98.0%
Cat False 102.11 mi/121.39 mi 19.28 mi -100,575 ft/-969 ft 97.9%
Cat False 133.83 mi/148.63 mi 14.80 mi -64,614 ft/262 ft 83.0%

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