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Cliff Loop Run route image 5.17 mi Run Cliff Loop Donabate Dublin Ireland, Ireland lovernd Mapped by 06/04/2007
14 mile run Run route image 13.73 mi Run 14 mile run Dublin Ireland, Ireland emmaw Mapped by 08/07/2007
4.5miles Run route image 4.43 mi Run 4.5miles Dublin Ireland, Ireland lizdugs Mapped by 03/05/2008
Malahide- Hill of Howth loop Run route image 20.04 mi Run Malahide- Hill of Howth loop Dublin Ireland, Ireland scoobie Mapped by 01/26/2009
6 miles Run route image 6.04 mi Run 6 miles Dublin Ireland, Ireland zbyszek Mapped by 02/22/2009
National XCountry Course 2009 Run route image 7.91 mi Run National XCountry Course 2009 Santry, Dublin, Ireland, Ireland michydathlete Mapped by 03/14/2009
05/24/2009 Route Run route image 2.65 mi Run 05/24/2009 Route Dublin, Ireland, Ireland anonymous Mapped by 05/23/2009
Short Phonix Park Route Run route image 2.15 mi Run Short Phonix Park Route Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland, Ireland aocarra Mapped by 07/07/2009
10 miler from John Rogerson's Quay Run route image 9.95 mi Run 10 miler from John Rogerson's Quay Dublin Ireland, Ireland morpoi Mapped by 09/28/2009
02/20/2010 Rathfarnham Hill Run route image 1.35 mi Run 02/20/2010 Rathfarnham Hill Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland, Ireland mcmanushome Mapped by 02/20/2010
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