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darlington pipeline Run route image 19.4 mi Run darlington pipeline Australia, CA, United States johncol Mapped by 02/26/2007
Pyrmont Run route image 4.78 mi Run Pyrmont Australia, AB, United States Orgo Mapped by 10/03/2007
09/11/2009 Route Run route image 4.4 mi Run 09/11/2009 Route Australia, Australia anonymous Mapped by 09/11/2009
20k upstream run Run route image 11.86 mi Run 20k upstream run Australia, Australia richoj Mapped by 10/15/2009
to mum's place Run route image 3.64 mi Run to mum's place Australia, Australia jturnstyles Mapped by 11/08/2009
run route  Run route image 1.0 mi Run run route Australia , NU, Australia anonymous Mapped by 06/05/2010
07/06/2010 Route to Kew Run route image 4.91 mi Run 07/06/2010 Route to Kew Australia, Australia ditemay Mapped by 06/07/2010
Leonay Hill Loop Long Run route image 4.27 mi Run Leonay Hill Loop Long Australia, Australia roadtrain Mapped by 06/19/2010
25/07/2010 Route Run route image 13.31 mi Run 25/07/2010 Route North Head, Sydney Australia, Australia andrew1128 Mapped by 07/25/2010
07/31/2010 Route Run route image 2.95 mi Run 07/31/2010 Route Australia, Australia steako Mapped by 07/31/2010
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