16 Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon Relay Leg #4 FINAL 29Aug16

Begins in:
Detroit, MI, United States
detroit-marathon MVP
Lathrup Village, MI
This is the Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon Relay Leg #4, and starts at Gabiel Richard Park on E Jefferson Ave, just east of Belle Isle. This is your "Tour de Belle Isle", or half of it anyway. A jog across the MacArthur Bridge gets you to the island. Be sure to soak in the views of Windsor, Ontario immediately across the river... and the downtown Detroit skyline after you make the turn to the west. A short jog back to the northeast gets you near the Detroit Grand Prix Start/Finish line, and your exchange point. No sweat (kinda)! The true USATF measured distance is 2.90 miles

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