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89888 ft

Begins in:
Chesapeake Beach, MD, United States
Created By:
keikigirl13 Best Time: 28:46
This is a 2.17 mi Run in Chesapeake Beach, MD, United States. The Run has a total ascent of 89888.73 ft and has a maximum elevation of 54.27 ft. This route was created by keikigirl13 on 06/08/2009. View other Runs that keikigirl13 has done or find similar maps.
Run / Jog


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 5.79 mi/8.72 mi 2.93 mi -28,302 ft/-14,620 ft 88.6%
Cat hc 9.77 mi/13.20 mi 3.42 mi -17,406 ft/-939 ft 91.1%
Cat hc 18.06 mi/22.66 mi 4.61 mi -21,989 ft/23 ft 90.5%
Cat hc 25.78 mi/28.52 mi 2.74 mi -13,796 ft/-1,287 ft 86.5%
Cat hc 30.63 mi/32.81 mi 2.18 mi -10,477 ft/-950 ft 82.8%
Cat hc 35.92 mi/39.35 mi 3.42 mi -15,577 ft/111 ft 86.8%

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