Park run





178 ft

Begins in:
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Created By:
Christine Bertram Best Time: 29:27
From the M hotel, go straight past the hospital, take a right at the main road and then immediately left. This street is indicated as a dead end, but a footpath continues. Follow the path and eventually, you will run parallel to the main road again. After crossing 1 broader wood road, take a left onto the second broad wood road. Follow it along the playground. Up to here, the route is fairly flat. After the play ground, the road loops around, just keep following it and you'll come to a sports centre. This is in fact the summer training area for the ski jumpers and there are 5 jumps there... so be prepared, the next bit is quite a steep up-hill section. Just follow the path until you get to the top of the hill. You will just have passed a stone tower and the path kind of forms an X. Keep left here and follow the path, it should start going downhill now. Just keep running downhill until you hit an asphalt road. Go on straigt, you'll come past the backside of a church go on straight until you hit a major road. Hang on to the left and follow it to the next set of street lights. Take a right here and after 50 m take a left across the strightlights. Another 100 m straight and you're back at the hotel.


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