Castlewood to Sherman Beach, option 1





742 ft

Begins in:
Ballwin, MO, United States
Created By:
Andy Koziatek
Start from the first parking lot, head back towards the entrance then cross over the creek onto the Lone Wolf trail - take a right and follow that all the way up on top of the cliffs and head right towards the wooden stairs (1.5 miles when you hit the stairs). At the bottom go right and when you have the option of two paths, go right along side the train tracks. Once you get to the next option to take a right or left, go right and enter the next little trail (a sign says it is 2 miles - it lies and is about 2.5mi roughly) - the way I go you go underneath the tracks, so you have to duck. You can take either route on this one, but I usually just keep going straight and follow the path around clockwise - it is a mile uphill to the top of the cliffs, then it is back down, with one final short but steep uphill before heading back down to where you started, back under the tracks, then turn right and follow the gravel road all the way to Sherman Beach trail head (parking lot). I then head left from there, away from the Al Foster section and make my way back. I felt lazy on this run so I cut off about a mile at the end when I just went straight through the open field in Castlewood and came right out on the road and headed back to the start. You get the hills done with basically in the first 5 miles, then it is fairly flat the rest of the way.


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/0.81 mi 0.75 mi 449 ft/556 ft 2.7%

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