The Long Otter





445 ft

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Billings, MT, United States
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This 14 mile loop starts from my house in Billings, Mt, near Poly Drive School. Go west on Poly until you reach Rehberg, then turn and run up to Rimrock, which you take to Zimmerman trail, the courses steepest and longest hill (something like 1000 meters). From here up to a trail on the right over the gaurd rail and onto the "Rims", the famous sandstone cliffs that make-up Billings most dinstinctive feature. Good view of town from up here. Run along the dirt/rock path for a good while, past the Airport and onto Black Otter Trail just below the highway, nice smooth asphalt trail that's a relief on the knees after the rocky terrain behind, still up on the Rims with a good view of downtown. Come up to the run's second hill after Swords Park, make a semi-circular downhill curve to Boothill Cemetery, then curve around Applebees with the Metra Fairgrounds to the left. Run along the bottom of the Rims (hey, I was just up there!), along Sixth Avenue until you reach North Park. Stop here for a drink and bathroom break if your running during the Summer. Cut up by the baseball field and continue on to 27th (the busy street) past a church, then the health clinic, then Mckinley School and then onto Pioneer Park, run through the middle of the Park to Parkhill, which you take until 17th Street, take a right, then, before the light on Colton, cross left behind the small Commmunity for Christ building and run along the ditch. Run by the Central High track field and the Catholic Church, then onto 24th, here turn and you're finished! A little over 14 miles ccording to my GPS watch, I think the discrepancy is due to some zigzagging along the Rimrock paths that I didn't bother entering onto the map. Enjoy! One of my favorite runs.


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/2.75 mi 2.69 mi 3269 ft/3566 ft 2.1%

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