22.5 mile training run





1471 ft

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Carbondale, CO, United States
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So I haven't ran this loop yet, but it is going to be my final long training run for my Marathon in February. It starts from downtown Carbondale and takes you down past CRMS and along County Road 109. The first 7 1/2 miles or so is a fairly steady but moderate downhill grade. You cross the Roaring Fork at West Bank and follow the side road that parrallels Highway 82 back towrds Carbondale. At mile 8 1/2 you will come to Highway 82, hang a right onto the Rio Grande trail and follow that for about a mile or so. You will cross Highway 82 and follow Cattle Creek Road (County Road 113) till just after mile 13. Hang a right onto County Road 112. This is where I am a little unsure as to the exact specifics of this run, since from this point forward, is road I have not been on. Essentially, you will follow County Road 112 for 3 about three miles, this should be a little flatter as it builds towards the descent back towrds highway 82. At mile 16, you'll hang a right onto county road 103 which will wind you downhill for 1 1/2 miles. Once you hit 82, hang a right, you'll be on 82 for only about 2 tenths of a mile. You thought the hills were over, but turn at your first right, and start climbing. This is going to be a pretty steady climb for about a 1 1/2 miles. It will start to flatten out around mile 19 and slowly begin your descent back down Red Hill Road. Once you hit Highway 82 for the last time, take a minute to catch your breath, it might take a minute to get across the highway since you are at the main intersection of Highways 82 and 133. Once yuo are across, hang your first left onto Cowen Drive. At this point, you can stop by Independence Run and Hike and and grab a drink of water and make fun of us for having to work while you are out having fun. Keep following Cowen Dr. and it will curve around and turn into 8th St. Follow this 1 mile back downtown Carbondale. Congratulations, you've just finished the "Rooster Run".... Look at the course layout from above, doesn't it kind of look like a Rooster!


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 3 7.74 mi/14.66 mi 6.92 mi 5930 ft/6810 ft 2.4%
Cat 4 17.53 mi/19.90 mi 2.37 mi 6247 ft/6688 ft 3.5%

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