Corp Cup Gateway-E'P'wood9thCem-Panthers Trng Rte





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Begins in:
Charlotte, NC, United States
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Start at Post Gateway (W 5th and N Cedar) <br> - N on N Cedar to Elmwood/Pinewood/9th Street Cemetary entrance (at N Cedar and Cates Sts) <br> - Head W (left): Run outer perimeter of cemetary <br> - Exit through same entrance at N Cedar and Cates Sts <br> - Return to N Cedar and W 5th Sts <br> - R on W 5th St to N Irwin <br> - L across W 5th on N Irwin <br> - Cross W Trade St to Trade-4th Connector Street <br> - Follow to W 4th and S Cedar Sts <br> - R on S Cedar St, cross W 4th St <br> - Follow to end of Panthers practice field <br> - Cross S Cedar, run practice field perimeter <br> - Return to S Cedar St <br> - R on S Cedar toward W 4th Street <br> - Cross over W 4th toward W Trade St <br> - Cross over W Trade, now on N Cedar toward W 5th St <br> - Cross over W 5th St, <br> - Continue on N Cedar <br> End at Cemetary entrance/exit (N Cedar and Cates) <br>


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