Winding around College Hills 10K





95 ft

Begins in:
College Station, TX, United States
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very twisty and loopy to keep it fun. Dominik at Munson is 5 miles even, run back past College Hills elementary then down Francis just past Berkeley to get to 10K. Start at Westover and head for Thomas Park. Turn left on Walton, follow road around to the bottom of the park, and take Puryear up past the park (there are water fountains here) and follow the jog over to Lincoln. Take Lincoln to Ashburn, and follow Ashburn all the way to the end at Gilchrist, where we turn right and up the small hill to Williams. Run past the school on Williams (not advised at 3:00 in the afternoon or in the morning when kids are being dropped off), turn right on Francis and follow it all the way to Glenhaven, then turn right to get to Dominik. Confusing? Yes. But a little more exciting than running on the same three streets over and over..


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