grape street





536687 ft

Begins in:
San Diego, CA, United States
Created By:
Robert Vincent
This is a 5.72 mi Run in San Diego, CA, United States. The Run has a total ascent of 536687.84 ft and has a maximum elevation of 19.13 ft. This route was created by vinnie068 on 04/11/2006. View other Runs that vinnie068 has done or find similar maps in Coronado.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 19.89 mi/33.57 mi 13.68 mi -103109 ft/-33015 ft 97.1%
Cat False 47.74 mi/68.32 mi 20.58 mi -106004 ft/56 ft 97.6%
Cat hc 70.37 mi/72.18 mi 1.80 mi -8485 ft/-682 ft 82.0%
Cat False 88.40 mi/104.88 mi 16.47 mi -84269 ft/83 ft 97.0%
Cat False 121.29 mi/137.51 mi 16.23 mi -84287 ft/-672 ft 97.6%
Cat hc 139.32 mi/141.37 mi 2.05 mi -8481 ft/44 ft 78.7%
Cat False 161.94 mi/176.12 mi 14.17 mi -106036 ft/-33056 ft 97.5%
Cat False 189.80 mi/209.69 mi 19.89 mi -103255 ft/2 ft 98.3%

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