Sunset Cliffs





427317 ft

Begins in:
San Diego, CA, United States
Created By:
Biff Euler
Along Flood channel to far side of bridge, turn right to bike path go to end, left into parking lot go through lot. Make left onto Brighton go up hill, Turn Right on Santa Barbara. Stay on Santa Barbara till it ends. Make hard Right on Hill street ston Hill, almost at bottom make le


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 0.06 mi/10.14 mi 10.07 mi -99765 ft/-47541 ft 98.2%
Cat False 20.83 mi/40.29 mi 19.46 mi -101911 ft/-900 ft 98.3%
Cat False 48.13 mi/56.02 mi 7.90 mi -40294 ft/-741 ft 94.9%
Cat False 71.13 mi/88.61 mi 17.47 mi -78479 ft/301 ft 85.4%
Cat 5 90.10 mi/92.27 mi 2.18 mi 70 ft/217 ft 1.3%
Cat False 106.39 mi/120.07 mi 13.68 mi -70193 ft/-160 ft 97.0%
Cat hc 125.42 mi/130.70 mi 5.29 mi -26359 ft/-402 ft 93.0%
Cat False 151.66 mi/163.35 mi 11.69 mi -101888 ft/-42278 ft 96.6%

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