Figure Eight: Ridgeline - Amazon





451 ft

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Eugene, OR, United States
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lolablissie Best Time: 3:00:00
here's a way to get a little more distance and climb out of the amazon-ridgeline bit. at the end of amazon, take the west (not the eastern) trail up to fox hollow - then run fox hollow for a bit - its a nice uphill stretch. at the christensen & fox hollow trail head, go down (the left-most trial) to the trail intersection, and take a right up the hill (eastward)... when you get to the first road, go behind the little grape vineyard of the last house and the trail picks back up... at the second road (dillard), take a right and go about half a mile to the beginning of the ridgeline trailhead (it's a little hidden, so keep your eye out)... then its downward, homeward and beerward


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 4 0.94 mi/4.52 mi 3.58 mi 442 ft/965 ft 2.8%
Cat 5 5.59 mi/6.91 mi 1.32 mi 783 ft/1013 ft 3.3%

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