10 Mile Run - From Mom's House - Rockville Centre - Baldwin - Start of Nautical Mile





5 ft

Begins in:
Freeport, NY, United States
Created By:
Lolita C
1) From Mom&#039;s House make right and run toward Lena Avenue. <br> 2) Make right and run along Lena Avenue toward N. Brookside Avenue. <br> 3) Make left at N. Brookside toward Sunrise Hwy. <br> 4) Cross Sunrise Hwy @ Freeport HS and run toward Rockville Centre. <br> 5) At Rockville Centre keep running until you reach North centre Street. <br> 6) Turn Around and run back toward Freeport. <br> 7) Make right at Grand Avenue (Baldwin, NY) toward West Seaman Avenue. <br> 8) Make Right at West Seaman Avenue and run toward North Long Beach Road. <br> 9) Make right on North Long Beach Raod going toward Nautical Mile. Road will change to South Long Beach. <br> 10) Make Left at Front Street running toward Nautical Mile (Woodcleft Avenue). <br> 11) Make Left on Woodcleft Avenue and run toward Front Street. <br> 12) Run along Front Street until you reach South Ocean. <br> 13) Make right at South Ocean and run along until you reach Lena Avenue. You&#039;ll be crossing Sunrise Hwy. <br> 14) Make left at Lena Avenue running toward East Woodbine. <br> 15) Makde right and collapse in front of Mom&#039;s House =)


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