Postpartum Pep

Making Moms Merry through Exercise & Support
Elise Algernon
I don't know about you, but the postpartum period can be tough! Life with a new baby is hard. It doesn't matter if you're breastfeeding exclusively or bottle feeding - the stress and never-ending marathon of feedings, changing diapers, etc. is exhausting. It can be overwhelming. The postpartum period can also be very isolating (which seems to add to the potential for postpartum depression). I know there are probably dozens if not hundreds of new moms out there in the local area - but we may never meet. We have our own exhausting schedules of: feed the baby, change the baby, sleep (briefly), take care of other kids, etc... I feel lucky that I was able to get on my bike again after a about a month after the birth of my second child - but I know I only get small stolen moments when I can get out there. For all of us who are struggling for those few precious moments to get fit, while our husbands and/or family members can watch the baby for us - this group is for you. It's my belief that exercise is the only real magic pill (aside from adequate sleep) that helps lift my mood and helps keep my spirits up. The endorphins and just the knowledge that I'm doing something to take care of myself physically helps immensely to make me feel more human during a time where each day is a very real and important physical challenge of taking care of this new and precious new life, while also managing to keep myself sane and in reasonable good health. I know there must be other moms out there who feel the same.
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