Le Tour de Gig Harbor





291263 ft

Begins in:
University Place, WA, United States
Created By:
Nick Crowell
This is a 4.0 mi Run in University Place, WA, United States. The Run has a total ascent of 291263.89 ft and has a maximum elevation of 99.64 ft. This route was created by navyniklas on 12/05/2006. View other Runs that navyniklas has done or find similar maps in Gig Harbor.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 8.27 mi/15.54 mi 7.27 mi -41,666 ft/-5,130 ft 95.1%
Cat hc 17.97 mi/21.20 mi 3.23 mi -15,933 ft/-750 ft 88.9%
Cat False 34.45 mi/47.63 mi 13.18 mi -68,481 ft/-795 ft 97.3%
Cat hc 52.85 mi/58.63 mi 5.78 mi -26,505 ft/132 ft 87.2%
Cat hc 63.98 mi/68.08 mi 4.10 mi -20,223 ft/-793 ft 89.7%
Cat False 82.44 mi/96.87 mi 14.42 mi -74,956 ft/-758 ft 97.4%
Cat hc 100.54 mi/102.40 mi 1.87 mi -18,041 ft/-9,904 ft 82.6%
Cat False 109.12 mi/117.70 mi 8.58 mi -43,426 ft/30 ft 95.9%

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