Monfort Park 1 mile grass/dirt loop





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Greeley, CO, United States
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Steve Name
Note: For a better view click "satellite" on the right hand side of the map and zoom in for detail. Start at intersection of concrete walking paths near parking lot and hockey rink. Head due east on the left side of the sidewalk toward 47th st. Turn left at 47th street and head due north. Turn left at the next concrete path, staying on the left side of the concrete heading due west. At the end of the playground fence turn right and head due north on the crest of the mounded earth. Nearing the parking lot turn left and follow the sidewalk due west. Turn left again and follow the sidewalk as it curves south to southeast. At the multi sidewalk intersection turn right and head up to the dirt path that heads south at the western perimeter of the park. Remain on that path until you reach the south parking lot again. Turn left at the sidewalk intersection before the lot and continue on the left side of the concrete. When you reach the original position you started in you should reach one mile. Repeat as desired. Logically this run can be started at any point on its path and still be one mile as long as you end where you started and feel free to reverse direction as well. Enjoy the soft grass and dirt!


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