Forest Hills High School Half Mile Loop With Plenty of Amenities





51 ft

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Forest Hills, NY, United States
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This is my personal 2 miles loop utilizing the Forest Hills High School Half Mile Loop with all its amenities (water fountain). The best part of this run is that the FHHS block is exactly half a mile which means you can use it to customized your own run be it if you want to make it a 2 or 5 mile run, just run 10x around it. Its my personal slice of heaven as there's no cars, traffic light or people to bump into, so you don't need to jog in place while waiting for the lights. I hope you can incorporate this little slice of heaven into your own custom personal loop. Give me a thumb up or say "hi" if you see an eyeglass wearing 5'10" Chinese guy doing laps around the school. On the weekends, you can even hop over the fence, althought it is usually open for little league soccer matches, and enjoy the cushy track.
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