Mill Valley to Strawberry





852968 ft

Begins in:
Mill Valley, CA, United States
Created By:
Howie Severson
This is a nice alternative to the main trail to Sausalito. It follows the opposite side of the bay along public access shoreline trails. I've run this route 3 times now and never see a single person, despite all the paved pedestrian-only trails. You follow the bay pretty much the whole way until you come to the freeway. Then run under the freeway, and continue on to Seminary Drive, where you can follow the bay all the way till you come to the more residential parts of Strawberry. After you go under the freeway and wrap around to the other side, keep your eye out for more public access shoreline signs to the right, where you can take a little up-and-back side trip through DeSilva Island, rewarded with a great view of the city at the end. A couple notes: Around the beginning of the run after you pass through Bayfront park and make a right on Hamilton Drive, keep your eye out for the gravel path off to the right, around the point where Hamilton curves to the left. This is the path to the shorline access. Also, when on Seminary, more shoreline access is given around just about every apartment building you pass.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/1.31 mi 1.24 mi 38 ft/53 ft 0.2%
Cat False 10.50 mi/19.33 mi 8.83 mi -44006 ft/107 ft 94.7%
Cat False 30.52 mi/41.27 mi 10.75 mi -56438 ft/-1362 ft 97.0%
Cat False 59.79 mi/78.50 mi 18.71 mi -97088 ft/-303 ft 98.0%
Cat False 99.20 mi/120.20 mi 21.01 mi -106599 ft/299 ft 96.4%
Cat hc 122.26 mi/123.75 mi 1.49 mi -7250 ft/-875 ft 80.9%
Cat False 143.14 mi/162.84 mi 19.70 mi -101261 ft/141 ft 97.5%
Cat False 183.48 mi/203.86 mi 20.39 mi -106551 ft/-989 ft 98.1%
Cat hc 206.41 mi/209.46 mi 3.05 mi -12306 ft/336 ft 78.6%
Cat False 230.40 mi/250.98 mi 20.57 mi -106706 ft/-286 ft 98.0%
Cat False 270.93 mi/289.95 mi 19.02 mi -103537 ft/-4901 ft 98.2%
Cat False 301.88 mi/314.87 mi 12.99 mi -66022 ft/78 ft 96.4%
Cat False 325.37 mi/337.49 mi 12.12 mi -52770 ft/173 ft 82.7%

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