The Run's the rest





44 ft

Begins in:
Morrisville, PA, United States
Created By:
Sean Zajdel
First you run a 400 at 75% on the track, rest 1 minute then run the 1.5 mile route easy. when you get back to the track you rest for 2.5 minute then run an 800 at 75%, after this you rest 3.5 min run the 1.5 mile route again and when you arive at the track you rest 4.5 minutes then run a 1200 at 75% on the track resting 5.5 min afterwards finally you run the route one more time resting for 6.5 minutes when you arive at the track then run a mile ALL OUT! when you are finished, run a warmdown 2 mile then call it a day... add a minute to your fastest mile and that should be your goal for the all out mile at the end of this run.


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