13 mile Mystic / GLP run





545193 ft

Begins in:
Mystic, CT, United States
Created By:
Sam Burlingame
Almost 13 miles through West Mystic, Noank, and Groton Long Point...there are two small double backs at dead ends when I got lost trying to do another run that I mapped first but couldn't find the entrance from Skyline Drive in Mumford Cove to Haley Farms that would have brought me out at Fitch High School and made this an exact 14 mile run. Oh well, perhaps next time :)


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 10.69 mi/19.02 mi 8.33 mi -43107 ft/-957 ft 95.8%
Cat False 30.83 mi/42.64 mi 11.81 mi -61416 ft/-921 ft 97.0%
Cat hc 44.45 mi/46.25 mi 1.80 mi -8662 ft/-952 ft 81.0%
Cat hc 51.10 mi/55.95 mi 4.85 mi -24557 ft/-974 ft 92.1%
Cat False 76.34 mi/98.22 mi 21.88 mi -106637 ft/-485 ft 91.9%
Cat False 117.98 mi/132.16 mi 14.17 mi -103006 ft/-30304 ft 97.2%
Cat False 146.95 mi/167.59 mi 20.64 mi -106574 ft/-69 ft 97.7%
Cat False 178.34 mi/188.91 mi 10.57 mi -54758 ft/-780 ft 96.7%
Cat hc 190.59 mi/194.32 mi 3.73 mi -7913 ft/190 ft 41.2%
Cat False 207.13 mi/219.99 mi 12.87 mi -63601 ft/207 ft 93.9%

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