Groton Long Point VII





494888 ft

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Noank, CT, United States
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This is a 5.03 mi Run in Noank, CT, United States. The Run has a total ascent of 494888.52 ft and has a maximum elevation of 101.94 ft. This route was created by skiplombardi on 01/12/2006. View other Runs that skiplombardi has done or find similar maps in Mystic.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 20.08 mi/30.34 mi 10.26 mi -104914 ft/-52558 ft 96.7%
Cat False 32.33 mi/44.33 mi 12.00 mi -61244 ft/-140 ft 96.4%
Cat False 58.75 mi/72.93 mi 14.18 mi -74007 ft/-977 ft 97.6%
Cat False 85.49 mi/98.48 mi 12.99 mi -65201 ft/296 ft 95.5%
Cat False 119.31 mi/139.64 mi 20.33 mi -106583 ft/-858 ft 98.5%
Cat hc 140.95 mi/142.25 mi 1.31 mi -5824 ft/-578 ft 76.1%
Cat False 154.62 mi/166.87 mi 12.25 mi -64326 ft/-1852 ft 96.6%
Cat False 179.99 mi/193.92 mi 13.93 mi -69270 ft/187 ft 94.5%

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