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Wilton, NH, United States
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This is to use as a training run for the Boston Breast Cancer 3-Day. It starts at the Unitarian Church in Old Wilton Center on Isaac Frye Highway. It goes down Isaac Frye away from Rte 101. Follow Isaac Frye until you get to Burton Highway. Take a left up Burton Highway. Follow Burton until you reach Davisville Rd. Take a left on to Davisville. Follow Davisville back to Isaac Frye. Take a right on to Isaac Frye and then take an almost immediate left on to Sand Hill Rd. Follow Sand Hill until you reach Burns Hill Road. Take a left on Burns Hill and go until you come to Wilson Rd. Take a left unto Wilson Rd. Follow it until you get back to Isaac Frye. Take a right on to Isaac Frye. Take the next left on to Wilton Center Rd. Follow this until you reach Marden Rd. Follow Marden until you reach Goldsmith Rd. Take a left on to Goldsmith and follow it back to Marden. Take a right on Marden and then when you come back to Wilton Center Rd take a left. At Isaac Frye take another left. Follow Isaac Frye and take the next left after Bennington Battle Trail (Contumacious Trail). At Davisville take another left. Follow Davisville to Stagecoach. Take Stagecoach to Burton Highway. Take a left unto Burton. On Burton Highway, look for a dirt road called Fairfield Lane on your left. After Fairfield, take the next dirt driveway on your right. About 50 or so feet down this driveway you will see a snowmobile trail on your left. Follow this, following the snowmobile trail signs. You will end up crossing Isaac Frye by the falls. After the falls, the trail forks, take the left fork. This will bring you to Holt Rd. Take a right on to Holt Rd. When you reach Burns Hill, take another right. Follow Burns Hill to Isaac Frye. Take a left on to Isaac Frye and return to Unitarian Church. Are you dizzy yet?


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