Planet Fitness - Back Bay - Eastern Prom - 6 Miles





358507 ft

Begins in:
Portland, ME, United States
Created By:
Blaine Moore Best Time: 40:50
Start at Planet Fitness and run over to the Boulevard. Run around it counterclockwise and take the Eastern Prom trail from Tukey's Bridge. Follow that until you get to the boat launch. Follow the trail up the hill to the top of the Eastern Prom, and run around that until you get to Washington Street. Cross that and follow the trail back to the trail, but turn left at the exit from 295 and follow the road down to Marginal Way. Follow that road back to Planet Fitness.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat hc 1.62 mi/2.67 mi 1.06 mi -2683 ft/49 ft 49.0%
Cat False 17.91 mi/28.35 mi 10.45 mi -78060 ft/-24942 ft 96.3%
Cat False 44.14 mi/54.34 mi 10.20 mi -106558 ft/-54728 ft 96.3%
Cat False 65.28 mi/73.99 mi 8.70 mi -106632 ft/-62602 ft 95.8%
Cat False 82.76 mi/103.15 mi 20.39 mi -106773 ft/-940 ft 98.3%
Cat False 120.68 mi/138.47 mi 17.78 mi -91573 ft/-65 ft 97.5%
Cat hc 140.64 mi/143.56 mi 2.92 mi -9237 ft/103 ft 60.5%

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