18 Miler - 8/16/06





387 ft

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Raynham, MA, United States
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Felt OK overall. Would say good if the IPod lasted the whole run but it died around mile 14. That's when my energy started to die. Right calf cramped at mile 5 and stayed tight through the rest of the run. Legs started feeling fatigued around mile 9 or 10. When I finished the run my legs were really sore, especially my right calf. Fueled at mile 8 with fruit leather. At mile 11 stopped for about 3 minutes and fueled with gatorade and a nutrigrain bar. I felt good till 13 then the sun was beeming and the hot temp. made me feel dizzy and I started seeing a few spots. Stopped for a minute to get some more water in and fuel with a fruit leather. At this point I was nervous about passing out and continued drinking water till it was gone. Steph met me on her bike around mile 15 and I took a bathroom break and refueled with water. At mile 16.5 Kim had water outside her house I stopped to fuel with (Stephanie was following me on her bike). The remaining of the run I was drained and pushed through with whatever I had left.


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