YMCA - 5 mile - Near MLK + Battle + Neighboorhood





39 ft

Begins in:
Rocky Mount, NC, United States
Created By:
Michael Forrester
1. Leave YMCA <br> 2. L - Head down Independence (Toward RBC Centura) <br> 3. R - Centura Highway (301) <br> 4. L - Gravel Road at dog pound (after bridge) <br> 5. Continue on gravel for 100 yards <br> 6. L - Paved Jogging Trail <br> 7. Go under tracks, and over wooden bridge <br> 8. Follow path to the left and go under the road <br> 9. Path will split. Stay left <br> 10. Run towards playground, and loop back towards the fork <br> 11. Go under road, over bridge, and under tracks again. <br> 12. Continue on paved trail through Battle Park <br> 13. Follow the main trail <br> 14. WATER FOUNTAIN ON TRAIL (~mile 5) <br> 15. Carefully Cross Benvenue onto Stonewall Lane <br> 16. L - Garden Gate Ln. <br> 17. L - Falling River Walk <br> 18. R - Tavern Landing <br> 19. At dead-end turn around and run back out <br> 20. L - Benvenue Rd <br> 21. STAY ON THE RT SHOULDER IN THE GRASS <br> ** BE CAREFUL ** <br> 22. R - Independence Dr. <br> 23. Return to YMCA
Starts From:


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