16 miles along the beach w/CA loop





179745 ft

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Santa Monica, CA, United States
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Start in the parking lot of Will Rogers Beach in front of the Vollyball nets. Head North. Turn around at the first jette after the lifeguard tower. Follow the beach path until you get to the California Incline. Make that loop and return to the beach path. Run south until you get to "Quarterdeck" street. Turn around and then come back to where you started. Don't do the CA Incline on the way back.


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Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 16.30 mi/26.19 mi 9.89 mi -51328 ft/-960 ft 96.4%
Cat hc 32.11 mi/38.64 mi 6.53 mi -30215 ft/284 ft 88.4%
Cat 2 39.94 mi/42.43 mi 2.49 mi -830 ft/146 ft 7.4%
Cat hc 49.78 mi/56.62 mi 6.84 mi -35111 ft/-958 ft 94.5%
Cat False 67.82 mi/79.58 mi 11.76 mi -58206 ft/191 ft 94.1%
Cat hc 84.31 mi/85.92 mi 1.62 mi -4866 ft/296 ft 60.5%

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