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485303 ft

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Boston, MA, United States
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This is a 5.0 mi Run in Boston, MA, United States. The Run has a total ascent of 485303.55 ft and has a maximum elevation of 40.39 ft. This route was created by suzrapp on 01/07/2006. View other Runs that suzrapp has done or find similar maps in South Boston.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 12.62 mi/24.74 mi 12.12 mi -65,573 ft/-3,537 ft 96.9%
Cat hc 30.21 mi/36.49 mi 6.28 mi -30,421 ft/218 ft 92.4%
Cat hc 55.70 mi/58.19 mi 2.49 mi -98,304 ft/-87,206 ft 84.5%
Cat False 62.29 mi/82.81 mi 20.51 mi -106,883 ft/-771 ft 98.0%
Cat False 103.20 mi/123.65 mi 20.45 mi -106,543 ft/-648 ft 98.1%
Cat hc 144.10 mi/149.82 mi 5.72 mi -106,918 ft/-78,954 ft 92.6%
Cat False 152.62 mi/170.65 mi 18.03 mi -91,993 ft/235 ft 96.9%
Cat False 180.59 mi/190.10 mi 9.51 mi -49,497 ft/-169 ft 98.2%

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