The Big Beach and Ocean Loop





249915 ft

Begins in:
Cape Elizabeth, ME, United States
Created By:
Just a cool run taking you through the beaches and seaside neighborhoods of Cape Elizabeth. To run in Crescent Beach, take the trail to the right just after the guard house. Follow the trail out to the shoreline, then run all the way along the beach to Kettle Cove. Run through the parking lot at Kettle Cove and across the bridge. Sometimes you have to fight through the trails here, but they generally go along the ocean for a couple hundred feet until turning inland towards Two Lights Road. After hitting two lights follow road into Broad Cove and take the very short connector trail (single wide along a horse fence) to Shore Acres. This is where the hills start. Run through Shore Acres, out to Old Ocean House and follow around along the regular B2B route. Have fun!


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 5 0.06 mi/2.49 mi 2.43 mi 31 ft/194 ft 1.3%
Cat False 23.45 mi/31.47 mi 8.02 mi -106548 ft/-66266 ft 95.1%
Cat False 33.40 mi/44.72 mi 11.32 mi -74833 ft/-17244 ft 96.4%
Cat hc 62.01 mi/63.75 mi 1.74 mi -106781 ft/-99532 ft 78.8%
Cat False 65.55 mi/89.37 mi 23.82 mi -107287 ft/193 ft 85.5%
Cat hc 95.22 mi/100.76 mi 5.54 mi -27088 ft/-187 ft 92.0%
Cat hc 103.00 mi/105.73 mi 2.74 mi -10018 ft/233 ft 71.0%

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