Blackie's Pasture to Tiburon





143449 ft

Begins in:
Tiburon, CA, United States
Created By:
Howie Severson
This is a 5.08 mi Run in Tiburon, CA, United States. The Run has a total ascent of 143449.6 ft and has a maximum elevation of 32.48 ft. This route was created by howmanrules on 09/16/2006. View other Runs that howmanrules has done or find similar maps in Strawberry.


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat False 9.14 mi/16.61 mi 7.47 mi -38424 ft/-918 ft 95.2%
Cat hc 18.91 mi/21.46 mi 2.55 mi -11084 ft/-104 ft 81.5%
Cat hc 22.46 mi/23.64 mi 1.18 mi -1788 ft/211 ft 32.0%
Cat hc 31.73 mi/37.95 mi 6.22 mi -31876 ft/-956 ft 94.1%
Cat hc 41.12 mi/44.42 mi 3.30 mi -16032 ft/-857 ft 87.2%
Cat hc 48.15 mi/51.76 mi 3.61 mi -18923 ft/-1761 ft 90.1%
Cat hc 53.13 mi/54.68 mi 1.56 mi -7249 ft/-626 ft 80.7%
Cat hc 59.29 mi/63.89 mi 4.60 mi -23187 ft/-103 ft 95.0%

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