Big Bear's Exorcism





360 ft

Begins in:
Washington, DC, United States
Created By:
Jay Cooper
Big Bear Cafe ( to &quot;Exorcist&quot; stairs. Run along entire National Mall, enter Georgetown via C&amp;O Canal, and return through Dupont. <br> <br> Water fountains at mile markers: 1.75; 2.25; 3.25; 4; 5.5. Take a $ or 2 for drinks (and Krispy Kreme) in Dupont Circle. Restrooms along Mall and shopping mall entrance off dirt path at 5.5 mile marker. <br> <br> Route summary: EAST on R ST -&gt; RIGHT on North Capitol St -&gt; run through park and make your way onto the Mall however you wish -&gt; run to the North of Lincoln Memorial -&gt; either stay on Parkway or take path to the right immediately after bridge (which connects to Parkway path) -&gt; follow path and take LEFT onto brick path that connects to C&amp;O Canal Trail -&gt; leave trail just before Key Bridge and run up to M Street -&gt; cross M and go WEST -&gt; &quot;Exorcist&quot; stairs just before Exxon station -&gt; take stairs to Prospect -&gt; RIGHT on N St -&gt; take path (when N St ends) up to P St, through park -&gt; EAST on P St, through Dupont Circle -&gt; at Logan Circle, take Rhode Island -&gt; EAST on R St and return to Big Bear
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