060925 One-mile Warmup





7 ft

Begins in:
West Valley City, UT, United States
Created By:
Brett M. Williams
Back in the saddle again! The weather is cooling down quickly, but the last few days have been beautiful. I tried a few steps as though I had shoes on: Long stride opening out in front, heel striking the ground first - MAN, no WONDER people think we barefooters are crazy! Running like that WOULD be suicide! But, from those first few painful steps, you begin to adapt - or should I say, "remember." We probably don't remember how it was to have to learn how to walk, nor do we remember that learning to walk with shoes on presented a new challenge altogether. Our silly "runningbarefoot.org" group is more like "shoe-aholics anonymous." If we never wore them in the first place, we'd just be running rather than talking about it. :)


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