around ugadale forestry





954 ft

Begins in:
Campbeltown, United Kingdom
Created By:
kevin scally Best Time: 2:20:00
this is a tough run from start to finnish,, no use going off from the gun as it wont belong before u need to slow down,,, there are a lot of tough climbes here and there is a varied terain throughout the run which makes it so interesting,,,The climb from the bottom of smerby up to the top of the pininver brae is pretty tough and really ur first challenge of the day so take ur time and settle in,,,, once ur through pininver and up the road towards ugadale ull see the turn for the forestry walk on the left,, turn off here and just keep following the road,, watch ur pace as the climp up is tougher than you think and the footing on the road is not the best at times,,,,it has to be noted that its not ideal for your new trainers so run in a well worn pair,,, also the midges are a bitch on a warm day so best slap on a bit of the SHOO,,,, the cenery is really good so take it in as you work tyour way around the forestry road,,, there are a few small climbes so pace urself well,,, when out out the otherside and back on to terra firma, ur hit with an immediate climb up to the top of a steep winding hill before the long decent down through Skeroblin to the Punble at the bottom,,,, from there on its another hard climb up past the quarry to High Ranochan and then the long decent back into town via the very steep Gamekeepers brae, watch urself on it as u can easily go down it too fast,,, back into town and head back down the longrow,, if its a good day and ur feeling good take a glance over to the left as ur passing the windows of Highgrove (Wallace's to the locals) and u can easily check out ur style,,, this is a good hard run and anything under 2.30 is a good time,,, its also a great run on a mountain bike, and a time of sub 1.20 is good going,, a ny faster than 1.15 is excellent,,, if you do do it on a bike just watch you dont end up arse over tit in a ditch like some I know and whether running or biking,, watch urself with those dam dogs as Skeroblin, given half a chance and they'll have ur ankles off hehehe


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Climb Details

Rating Start/End Points Length Start/End Elevation Avg Grade
Cat 4 5.11 mi/10.23 mi 5.11 mi 19 ft/516 ft 1.8%
Cat 5 12.22 mi/13.34 mi 1.12 mi 369 ft/506 ft 2.3%
Cat 5 14.53 mi/15.65 mi 1.12 mi 289 ft/471 ft 3.1%