VFR 6K Saturday [v.3]

Begins in:
North Vancouver, 02, Canada
Burnaby, BC
Start at Brockton Oval Trail where the water fountain and bathrooms are. Head north towards the road then right onto the road and down to Kinglet Trail. Turn left on to Kinglet Trail and follow across Avison Way continuing to Lumberman's Arch (where the pavement trail forks left and right). Turn left at and then immediate slight right where the trail takes you right again uphill to continue on Kinglet Trail which leads to Tunnel Trail. Turn left onto Tunnel Trail (uphill) to Pipeline Road. Turn left onto Pipeline Road and then immediate right onto Tisdall Walk. Turn left onto Beaver Lake Trail to Lake Trail. Turn left onto Lake Trail, head uphill continuing onto Stanley Park Causeway overpass then past Bridle and onto Squirrel Trail. Slight left onto Squirrel Trail as you steadily decline to Lovers Walk. Turn left onto Lovers Walk and continue on Lovers walk to Tatlow Walk. Turn left onto Tatlow Walk to Bridle Path. Turn right onto Bridle Path (for about 75m) then left onto Lees Trail. After about 150m, make an acute left onto Tatlow Walk following that back to Bridle Path. Turn right onto Bridle Path to Lake Trail. Turn right onto Lake Trail immediately crossing the Stanley Park Causeway overpass. Continue on Lake Trail onto Beaver Lake Trail via the wooden bridge/walkway to Ravine Trail. Turn left onto Ravine Trail to Stanley Park Seawall. Turn right onto Stanley Park Seawall. Continue along Stanley Park Seawall for about 1km (passing Lumberman's Arch) to a set of stairs that leads up to Brockton Oval (near the Kinglet trailhead).

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