13 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon- Draft 17Dec12

Begins in:
Cleveland, OH, United States
This is the preliminary marathon course, pending approval and certification. Changes from last year include another block added to Edgewater (to W 115th St), using the residential street Franklin Blvd between W 74th St and W 38th St, a return to the 2011 route through Tremont (no more hill!) and a jog over to W 6th St instead of W 9th St near the halfway point. We'll use Chester Ave instead of Euclid for most of the eastbound leg, and will add the jog down E 30th St to St Clair Ave over to E 40th St to the first par of the second half, so its virtually a straight shot down St Claire Ave from E 55th to E 9th St and the finish at the Great Lakes Science Center.

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