January 27 7 Mile Run





173 ft

Begins in:
Baton Rouge, LA, United States
Created By:
Kin4501 Name
Start at the Filed House, go down North Stadium Drive, cross street (Nicholson) and go into baseball stadium parking lot, turn left and go toward Skip Bertman Drive, take right on Skip Bertman Drive, go to end of Skip Bertman Drive until you reach River Road, turn around and go back down Skip Bertman Drive, cross Nicholson (Skip Bertman Drive will turn into South Stadium), go down South Stadium, cross Highland, after Highland S. Stadium turns into West Lakeshore Drive, turn left on W Lakeshore Drive (toward the REC), keep going on W Lakeshore Drive until you ge to Dalrymple, take right on Dalrymple, then take right on May St, May St will turn into East Lakeshore Drive, keep going on Lakreshore Drive until you reach Stanford, take right on Stanford, go down Stanford until you hit the light signal, take right on Stanford Park, get back on W Lakeshore Drive, W Lskeshore Drive turn into S. Satdium, take right on Field House Drive, finish at the Field House.
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