Bob Eden Park Start and Finish - Great 5 mile Loop - Almost 2.5 There and Back





34 ft

Begins in:
Euless, TX, United States
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This is a great, scenic, fairly flat trail. I would say it is 85% safe. Let me explain. It's ALL in a park, but there are a few areas here and there not will not be populated. There are also a lot of creeks close to path so you do see snakes. Mainly small, very tiny ones sometimes, but I have heard of a larger one running across the path. This is a full park path though and after 5pm you see quite a few people on it. I would recommend getting back before dark though because there are spots that can get creepy at dusk. There are also a couple of creepy spots that go under the road, temporarily that are a little creepy. It's all a cemented park trail though. There are a few water fountains on this trail, too (make sure you hold buttons for 30 seconds so water can start). Also, there is plenty of parking spaces at Bob Eden Park.


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